McKendree's Bothwell Chapel

Methodist Church

Opportunities for fun, fellowship, support, prayer, and worship abound in Lebanon.

Come join a great group of people!

Bridge Church

Pastor Scott Cox, Jr.
200 West Schuetz Street
(618) 980-5989

Cherry Street Community Church of God
Pastor Margaret Lee, Interim Pastor
826 South Cherry Street
(618) 537-2234
(618) 537-2461
Faith Church of Lebanon
115 N. Madison
(618) 537-4598
First United Methodist Church
Rev. Peter Wehrly
603 W. St. Louis
(618) 537-6622
Fresh Start Community Church
Pastor Brian Pope
210 N. Pearl Street
Heart of Worship Apostolic Center Rev. Timothy Fross
320 South Fritz
(618) 741-5698
In Action for Christ Mission, Inc.
Evangelist Mary Hall
731 S. Cherry Street
Jesus the Living Word Overseer Maxine Price
600 McAllister
(618) 537-6373
Lebanon Temple Church of God
Nelson A. Johnson
McAllister & Plum
McKendree University Chapel
United Methodist
Rev. Tim Harrison
701 College Rd
(618) 537-6962
Messiah Lutheran Church
Missouri Synod Lutheran
Rev. Brian Holle
801 North Madison
(618) 537- 2300
Greater Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church Rev. Dr. W.J. Griffin
423 West Dee Street
(618) 537-6120
Pentecostal Power Church Elder Charles Bennett
208 North Madison
St. Joseph Catholic Church

Brenda A. Pehle, PLC
Msgr.Jim Margason, Pastor
Frs. Gene Neff & Steve Humphreys,
Sacramental Ministers
901 North Alton
(618) 537-2575

St. Paul United Church of Christ

Rev. Dr. Don Wagner
Madison & Dee